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Online Conference - Advancing Citizen-Driven Participation Through Digital Tools. Harnessing the benefits of digitalisation for citizen-driven participation has the potential for a true impact on the 21st-century democracy-making. This is an irreversible paradigm shift, which needs to be further explored. On February 25th, join an inclusive debate on the promotion of citizen-led eDemocracy and... more
BIRDhub supports the European Commission’s Pact for Skills BIRDhub engages in the Pact for Skills which is the EC’s initiative promoting a shared engagement and approach to skills development. In coming years BIRDhub will work on supporting the implementation of the following four key principles of the Pact for Skills: Promoting a culture of lifelong learning for all; Building strong skills... more
Resilient, Green, Digital, Social and Global Europe Resilient, Green, Digital, Social and Global Europe are five action lines of the Portuguese Presidency. Portugal is holding the Presidency of the Council of the European Union in rather unprecedented time which requires decisive and comprehensive actions. A need to accelerate the digital transition as a driver of economic recovery and to... more
New Skills Agenda for Europe On 1st July the European Commission launched a New Skills Agenda for Europe.  Its ultimate aim is to ensure that the right training, the right skills and the right support is available to people to have them equipped with skills allowing having good-quality jobs. It is expected the New Skills Agenda will boost employability, competitiveness and growth in Europe. The... more
What future of vocation education and training in Latvia? Cedefop, the European Agency for the Development of Vocational training, has put forward the discussion about the future of vocational education and training  (VET) in Europe. The starting point for this discussion is the three scenarios model. The delivery of VET has changed and evolved over the last years and is delivered by increasingly... more
Some insights into skills for green jobs at country level What will be the implications of the transition to low-carbon and resource-efficient economies for skills, gender and occupations? Some insights on this are provided by the International Labour Organisation. Have a look at some examples from Europe in the country reports of Denmark, Estonia, France, German, Spain and the United Kingdom.  
What institutional mechanisms for gender equality? BIRDhub is glad to have an opportunity to work on data gathering and analysis about the gender equality infrastructure and gender mainstreaming in Latvia. The country insights will feed into a larger study of the European Institute of Gender Equality.  
BIRDhub attending the European vocational skills week 2018 The discussions were focused around the changing nature of vocational education and training and how it has evolved over the last years. It was great to be among a small group of participants from Latvia.
The aim of the conference is to involve a wide range of experts in discussing important trends and challenges of investment policies nowadays. More information is available in draft programme. Please submit the application with your thesis (2500 words maximum) before November 06, 2017 to the Conference Committee at The conference is organized by the InterRegioNovation Association... more
The first issue of 2017 of the Regional Innovations Journal is available.In this issue you will find the following articles: The reform of decentralization and strategic budget planning: prospects for Ukraine (Valentyna Pleskach, Nadiya Prokopenko) Cities, States and Empires (Adrian Campbell) Reasons for the decrease of foreign investments in China: an overview of India’s prospects for becoming... more