BIRDhub implements the project “Support for civic participation in sustainable cooperation”


Support for civil participation in sustainable cooperation, i.e. strengthening of NGOs’ management and participatory model, promotion of active participation, participation in policy-making processes.


Latvia. The project relies on the participation in international organizations, cooperation at the national and regional levels. Visits took place in the Belgium, France, Estonia and Norway.

Main activities and results:

Preparation of series of analytical articles, membership in ECAS, RSA, FranceXP and InterRegioNovation, organization of trainings, discussions and seminars at local and international level, exchanges of experience. As a result citizen participation and consciousness was boosted as well as awareness on ad-hoc topics of regional and economic development in Europe. The society became more informed about the objectives and activities of the association, including the stakeholder engagement in the work of the association and other international events.


Cofinancing: 59760.62 EUR

The project “Support for civic participation in sustainable cooperation” is co-financed by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway within SIF.LV programme NGO Activity Support Measure (2009-2014).

Project contract nr. 2012.EEZ/DAP/MAC/114/3/NAC/061