About BIRDhub

The association "Baltic InterRegional Development hub" (BIRDhub) is an independent non-profit non-governmental organisation established on October 4, 2010.

Our main objectives are:

  • to increase added value of cooperation in the area of education and training at national and European level;
  • to support awareness raising for SMEs on the impact of digitalisation on sustainability and productivity in various levels of digitalisation;
  • to promote European, national and local initiatives with positive impact on human resource development;
  • to contribute to improving skills and competences of youth, elderly and other disadvantaged groups;
  • to raise awareness and assist on issues related to privacy and personal data protection;
  • to contribute to building skills intelligence and promote decision-making based on evidence derived from applied research.

The abbreviation BIRDhub outlines our vision — to contribute to the development of skills, competences and expertise of the residents of Baltic countries. BIRDhub's symbolic association with bird characterises our commitment to reach further, ability to adapt to changing circumstances and willingness to rise higher by seeking for new knowledge and experience.

Our key areas of expertise include:

  • regional development and social policy;
  • territorial cooperation;
  • education and skills, including entrepreneurial skills;
  • impacts of digitalisation;
  • green and digital skills; and
  • data protection and privacy.

BIRDhub’s strengths lies in its openness and efforts in bringing together people with expertise in regional development, education and training, research and innovation, and entrepreneurship, and with willingness to contribute to reaching sustainable development goals.

BIRDhub is open for collaboration in the areas that support and contribute to developing skills and expertise for future.

BIRDhub has experience and expertise in qualitative and quantitative research, peer learning methodologies and in organising series of trainings and events, including online webinars and hybrid events.


Our contacts:

You can always reach out to BIRDhub by email: birdhub@birdhub.eu

Legal address: Katrinas dambis 24A-19, LV-1045, Riga, Latvia

Registration number: 40008166035