About BIRDhub

Association "Baltic InterRegional Development hub" was established on October 4, 2010 as an independent non-profit non-governmental organization whose main objectives are:

  • targeted cross-border and inter-regional cooperation and the increase of its added value at EU level;
  • development of competencies and networking by bringing together and supporting people with expertise in regional development and international co-operation and ideas for sustainable development;
  • promotion of various EU, Baltic Sea region, national, regional and local initiatives that have a positive impact on regional development;
  • involving small communities (county and regional youth and elderly, ethnic minorities, starting entrepreneurs, various interest groups and others) in international cooperation;
  • active participation of the local population;
  • compliance with the principles of good governance;
  • improvement of the skills and competences of the youth of the Baltic countries;
  • the promotion of applied research of regional development in the Baltic countries.

The abbreviation of the association's name in English - BIRDhub - outlines our vision - to contribute to the development and expansion of competences and expertise of the residents of Baltic countries.

BIRDhub's symbolic association with birds characterizes our commitment to growth, our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and willingness to fly near and far for new knowledge and experience.

The key BIRDhub areas of expertise include:

  • regional development and social policy;
  • territorial cooperation;
  • business development;
  • applied research.