New Skills Agenda for Europe

New Skills Agenda for Europe

On 1st July the European Commission launched a New Skills Agenda for Europe.  Its ultimate aim is to ensure that the right training, the right skills and the right support is available to people to have them equipped with skills allowing having good-quality jobs. It is expected the New Skills Agenda will boost employability, competitiveness and growth in Europe.

The New Skills Agenda contains 12 actions which are build around the following four blocks:
I. A call to join forces in a collective action:  A Pact for Skills.

II. Actions to ensure that people have the right skills for jobs: E.g. Strengthening skills intelligence, Support for strategic national upskilling action, Skills to support the green and digital transitions, Increasing STEM graduates and fostering entrepreneurial and transversal skills, Skills for life.

III. Tools and initiatives to support people in their lifelong learning pathways: E.g. Individual learning accounts, micro-credentials, Europass platform.

IV. A framework to unlock investments in skills: Member States’ and private investments in skills.

BIRDhub will be developing its work programme to contribute to reaching the goals of the New Skills Agenda and to boost employability, competitiveness and growth in Baltics.