„Science Cafe” event on Civic engagement and Public participation

Friday, September 26 at 18.00, the next „Science Cafe” curated by University of Latvia and Society „Baltic Interregional Development Hub” will be held at cafe of University of Latvia at 19 Raiņa Boulevard. The following theme will be discussed this time: „Civic engagement and Public participation – What drives people?” At „Science Cafe” several scientists and specialists in different areas will take part and will try to give you all the answers.

Dr. Juris Šteinbergs, a molecular biologist, will host the event, as usually. You will be able to watch it online on: www.lu.lv.

The aim of „Science Cafe” is to open a discussion in free and informal atmosphere noting issues about science that the society is interested in. It's a possibility to meet experts, to ask questions and to find out still the unexplored about science.

More information on „Science Cafe” is available on University of Latvia web page, as well as on Latvian version of this site.

Activity „Science Cafe” is a part of "Support For Civic Participation in Sustainable Cooperation" project. The project is financially supported by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway.